Miami and Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Some Impressions from Miami Beach and our trip on the „Allure of the Seas“, starting in Miami Beach, Florida (first 16 pictures), Boarding on the Allure of the Seas and walk around (next 7 pictures) and arrival in Nassau, Bahamas with beach tour to “Balmoral Island”). Will be updated on next event.

UPDATED: April 18th and 19th
Crusing Day and back in Miami Port Everglades

UPDATED: April 17th
Cruising Day, back in direction Fort Lauderdale. 2 new pictures from yesterday on “Royal Promenade” and sun rise over the Caribbean See (1 picture).

Time for a all access tour to normally hidden areas.

A short view behind the scenes, the kitchen over 3 decks; hundreds of shrimp cocktails to be prepared already for the evening; bakery and pastry shop, which is also responsible for the 1,200 liters of ice cream that are plastered daily (6 new pictures).

Looking into the bearing areas, where tons of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit (eg . as 3,000 kg of bananas on departure) are mounted so. The engine control room for 120,000 hp of the vessel and the water treatment (even the wastewater is purified on drinking water quality and only then flushed into the sea), and the perfect waste separation (5 new pictures).

The laundry with some smaller washing machines for the washing of staff and a $ 1 million expensive washing machine ( -line ) and automated Ironing presses for 3,000 sheets and towels per hour. Backstage at the 3 -story Amber Theatre and we see also the helipad for emergencies (6 new pictures).

Last but not least , the ultra-modern bridge on Deck 12 of Allure, here an open road , heading 300.5 degrees to Fort Lauderdale (7 new pictures).

UPDATED: April 17th 
further details soon

UPDATED: April 16th 
Today morning 08:00 am (US time) arrival in Philipsburg St. Maarten
And a short 5 hour beach excursion to Orient Bay, St. Maarten

UPDATED: April 15th

Arrival late morning in St. John, US Virgin Islands (6 images).
After lunch: Sailing too Honeymoon-Beach (7 images)

After departure from St. John (Virgin Islands): the “Moving Bar” (going up and down between deck 5 and deck 8) and show entertainment performed by the Chicago Musical Artists. And at least we found the nice small guy in white in our state room (created by our room service waiter, thanks Steve), again 8 images.

UPDATED: April 14th

Crusing day and Ice Show (how to train your daragon on ice) in the ice rink (Studio B with 775 seats)

Walk on the Royal Promenade (Deck 5), view to the Casino and Central Park (Deck 8)

Official photo gallery for the “Allure of the Seas” see here


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