Symi Dogs

Animal protection in Greece


Again, two tortured dogs on Symi, both on a short chain, without water and without food. The first one, on the road from Chorio to Pedi, just before the desalination plant in the yard of an uninhabited house on the right side of the road and the other about 100 meters after the first turn to the right at the beginning of Pedi after the first house in a small location where boats are set off. Weiterlesen

20151212 Rhodes Wedding Part 2

165_IMG_5971Tο γάμο στη Ρόδο / Κρεμαστή στις 12/12/2015
Σειρά 2 στην Εκκλησία (28 φωτογραφίες)

Hochzeit in Rhodos/Kremasti am 12.12.2015
Teil 2 in der Kirche (28 Bilder) Weiterlesen

“Caribbean Cruise” pictures uploaded

We have now uploaded 279 selected pictures from our “Caribbean Cruise” with the amazing “Allure of the Seas” in April 2013 and additional 3 days in Miami Beach prior to the cruse as well as 2 days in Orlando after … Weiterlesen